Payments and Refunds


Payment may be made by cash, check or Zelle. Contact artist for commissions and sales.

Due to the nature of art sales, it is my policy that once the artwork is picked up or shipped, there are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS.

Art Commissions, Shipping, and Delivery

DELIVERY: Artist agrees to finish (not deliver) the artwork within 90 days after Purchaser approves preparatory sketch. In the event that Artist cannot timely complete the artwork, all payments will be refunded within 14 days after the scheduled completion date, and Purchaser waives any further legal claim or recourse against Artist. As soon as practicable after completion of the artwork, Purchaser agrees to pick up the artwork from Artist’s Orange County, California, studio or gallery, OR pay all packing, crating, shipping, and insurance expenses prior to shipping, based Purchaser’s choice of Orange County, CA fine art shipping company. Purchaser agrees that artwork not picked up or shipped within 90 days after completion will be considered abandoned, with all payments forfeited by Purchaser, and the artwork will become the Artist’s property.

NOTE: If Purchaser chooses to have the artwork shipped, Purchaser acknowledges that Artist is not responsible for any damage to the artwork or frame by the shipping company. Upon Purchaser’s pick up, or Artist’s delivery of the artwork to Purchaser’s choice of shipping company, Purchaser releases Artist from any and all liability related to the artwork.

COPYRIGHT: Artist retains copyrights to all works commissioned by Purchaser, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright. No artwork may be reproduced or altered without written consent of Artist.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL: In the event that Purchaser does not wish to purchase the commissioned artwork, Purchaser may refuse receipt of it. In that case, Artist will retain ownership of the refused artwork AND the non-refundable deposit, free of any claims or interests of Purchaser, and Purchaser will not owe any additional fees to Artist. Purchaser waives Right of Refusal once final payment is made. Once pick up or shipping occurs, there are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS.